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Most nursing homes have personnel with some understanding of the Medicaid application process. The degree of understanding varies from home to home and from person to person. For most, the obvious problem is time. There are too many priorities competing for the same few hours.

Communicating what is needed for the Medicaid application takes time. Email, voicemail, and texts – some cases require every mode of communication to connect with family.

Additional time must be spent to receive accurate and complete information. Further time has to be set aside to compile data, complete the form, and file the application.

And then there are delays from submission to Medicaid approval. It takes an ever-increasing amount of time devoted to the Medicaid process. Allied Planning gives time back to you.


Until Medicaid pending shifts to Medicaid approved, nursing homes often pay the bill. Add either insufficient time or insufficient skill to the application process, and expenditures escalate. Accounts receivable growing? This remains an increasing trend for many nursing homes. The expertise of Allied Planning radically reduces accounts receivable.

Investing in capital improvements and professional development doesn’t have to be sacrificed because of tightened cash flow. When cash flow is improved, your organization runs with greater efficiency. Efficiency translates into profit. The excellence of Allied Planning gets money to you quicker.


When time and money are squeezed, energy declines. Doing “more with less” reduces energy. Reduced energy results in “less with less.” Allied Planning returns energy to your staff by removing the pressure of the application. Retention goes up. Job fulfillment increases. People are free to do what they love to do: care for people.

Office personnel need time and energy to appropriately lead the nursing home staff. Allied Planning clients see an infusion of energy as Medicaid Pending stress disappears.


Your employees need time for the unbudgeted episodes that require “drop everything, all hands on deck.” By adding time, money, and energy to your team, they have increased margin to handle the crisis without creating another one.

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