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  • How long does Allied Planning maintain contact with each Medicaid case?

    Allied Planning maintains every Medicaid case for the life of the resident in your nursing home. Allied Planning’s commitment to excellence and expertise bridges the gap between your nursing home facility, your resident, and Medicaid for the entirety of your resident’s stay in your facility.

  • When a Medicaid case needs recertification, who takes on this workload?

    Allied Planning maintains contact with the family and Medicaid office and takes care of all recertification for as long as they are needed.

  • How does Allied Planning help the Business Office Manager be more efficient and effective with time and energy?

    Once your BOM learns of a potential resident, Allied Planning is contacted. We assume immediate responsibility for the entire Medicaid application process. Your BOM will be kept informed of the progress of each case as frequently as requested. All the time and energy previously required for Medicaid processing can be invested on other priorities.

  • How does Allied Planning sustain superior results in the midst of the ever changing Medicaid climate?

    Allied Planning’s team is equipped to respond quickly to change. At the same time we are not content to respond to change. We anticipate it, and position ourselves to be a repository of resources, not only to families and facilities, but to Medicaid personnel as well. Allied Planning builds strong relationships by adding value to all involved. We are the go to company in the private sector for Texas Medicaid expertise.

  • How does Allied Planning increase our cash flow and decrease our accounts receivable?

    Allied Planning’s staff is singularly focused on Medicaid applications. As such we achieve results, and we achieve them quickly. We work with your facility to keep you from accumulating cases in which you cannot collect payment for services rendered. Allied Planning moves you from Medicaid pending to Medicaid approved.

  • What is the average turnaround time for Allied Planning to get a Medicaid case approved?

    Medicaid Examiners cannot approve a case until the resident has been in a nursing home for 30 days. Allied Planning cases are normally approved soon after that. We work diligently to quickly secure necessary information so we can file in a timely manner.

  • How can Allied Planning ensure the best possible working relationship with our residents?

    Allied Planning treats your residents with respect. We understand stage-of-life concerns. Additionally, we appreciate that every resident’s financial situation is unique. We work with them to answer their financial questions and address their concerns so that we can represent your residents well to Medicaid. The expertise we have developed over 25 years is the result of developing and valuing relationships.

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