Medicaid Statistics



Since its creation in 1965, Medicaid has become the largest source of medical and health-related services for U.S. Americans with a low income and limited resources. In 2018, 16% of the 27.7 million Texas residents were covered in some fashion by Medicaid. The program is funded by both federal and state governments. As the percentage of people under Medicaid is growing, Medicaid spending is increasing too. Moving SNF residents from pending to approved is getting increasingly difficult. It pays to have an advocate in your corner. Aliied Planning is that advocate.

  • Medicaid is a lifeline for most people with significant medical needs requiring assistance with daily living activities.
  • 5 in 8 nursing home residents in the state of Texas are covered with Medicaid.
  • Of the $36.3 billion spent in Texas, 54% is allocated to MCO and 10% to LTC facilities. How do you make sure your residents are covered?
  • Average annual cost of nursing home care in 2015 was $82,000. That represents 3x the income of the average resident. Are your residents being approved for benefits in a timely manner?
  • Due to the considerable increase in Medicaid applicants, it is inevitable to avoid an increase in Medicaid pending cases. This creates a bottleneck in the process and therefore demands the need for well prepared and complete Medicaid applications.
  • Allied Planning combines excellence and expertise to move your Medicaid residents from pending to approved and can provide the Medicaid relief you’ve been looking for.

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