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Clients Are Saying

“The financial investment we make per case is so valuable to us, as we know that our residents and their families are receiving needed assistance from competent professionals, leading them through a process which is often cumbersome and complex.”
“The communication between Allied Planning and our office has been excellent.”
“Since partnering with Allied Planning, our BOMs have developed great working relationships with Allied Planning staff members who are available not only as a resource for our residents and their families, but also as a resource to our Business Office Managers to assist with problem solving and assistance related to the complexities of the Medicaid application process.”
“The most serendipitous benefit has been how this process is expedited with the assistance of Allied Planning.”
“To those considering outside sources for Medicaid application assistance I highly recommend Allied Planning to any facility or corporation that provides services to senior adults.”
“I am highly impressed with the great job Allied Planning has done with even the most difficult of our cases.”
“Allied Planning’s communication with the staff at our facilities is better than our internal communication.”
“I am so impressed right now. Great job, Allied!”.
“I have been getting impressive feedback from our Business Offices and residents about Allied Planning’s services. Excellent work!”

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