Statement From Our Founder


Our Founder

Your commitment to caring for others inspires us at Allied Planning. Shouldering some of the burdens you bear drives our commitment to you. We exist to serve your nursing home as you serve residents.

As a business owner, I understand there are times when the necessary becomes the urgent and presses ahead of the important and preferred. During those times, I shift what I can so I can focus on what I need to. Sometimes that involves outsourcing.

As a consultant in the medical space, I understand the difficulties associated with payments and reimbursements. Allied Planning supports three primary parties involved in the skilled nursing facility: the resident, the facility, and Medicaid.

Making the move to a long-term care facility is an emotional experience for the family. Admitting a resident is a delicate experience for the nursing home staff. Approving Medicaid benefits for residents is a tedious responsibility for the Medicaid examiner. I founded Allied Planning to add value to all three.

With an extensive background in organizational development, I specialize in the intricacies of process improvement. And I know my limits, so I surround myself with subject matter experts.

Allied Planning is a collection of experts committed to excellence. We are known for our integrity, making us the best at forging strategic partnerships with nursing homes, Medicaid, and residents. These partnerships assure provision and timely payment of quality healthcare. We aggressively pursue unity, so all involved win. And we champion celebration when our partners win. This is the heart of our Vision, Mission, and Values.

Nursing home staff need more time and energy to spend on other priorities. Outsourcing the Medicaid application responsibility to Allied Planning makes emotional sense to Business Office Mangers and Administrators. We lift a burden. And it makes financial sense to corporate leadership. Allied Planning increases your cash flow and reduces your accounts receivable.

The challenge for all involved is working with the systems in place to provide the best healthcare for all residents and prompt payment for that care. You provide the excellent care. Allied Planning guarantees the payment.

I would welcome the opportunity to get to know your situation. Contact me direct and see how Allied Planning can add value.

Mark Persall
Managing Partner/President
Allied Planning

We move YOU from “PENDING” to “APPROVED.”

Our focus is EXCELLENCE. Your SUCCESS depends on it.

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